Final Rating: 4.58. Finished 81 out of 231 entries.

528 views including the voting period.


Animator: Evan Helford

Description: It's Marvin Astley's first day as sous chef and he's really nervous because his boss wants to cook meat.

Experience: ~2 years

Time taken: 4 weeks


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Adrian Winchell:

I was afraid he was gonna go after the vegetarian with the cleaver D: Great work!

Yogesh Paradkar:

end part is odd......
balance is missing.
odd pose
working with Bishop someone is from AM.
How it could be possible this Animation From AM animator?
If the person is doing Animation basics course know how character stand....

Camera Angles are odd

Léo Miche:

Cool ideas. You need to focus more on the mechanics, spacing, arcs, overlaps, but that's cool.

Joep de Laat:

the beginning works, but the pointing with the knife and the expressions and camera that follow up on that work less

Lucas Donaldson:

Some of the lip sync feels a little off but that may be just me. nice work!


nice expression.. enjoyed