Final Rating: 3.28. Finished 181 out of 231 entries.

507 views including the voting period.


Animator: Anurag Rauth

Description: a guy is try to get the right food for him

Experience: 7 months

Time taken: 1 week


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Next time perhaps have your camera move a bit less, it's a little jarring and motion-sickness-y

Adrian Winchell:

Decent animation work, but the camera work and the concept of looking through the other voice's eyes is really distracting. Possibly because it's very simple large moves, it's not obvious at first that it's from a character's head. Some easing, and the smaller moves you'd expect someone to make while talking might fix that.

Lucas Donaldson:

I like the idea of the camera as another character. that's cool. I also like the keyframing.

Jyreme Mcmillon:

I think as is the face is distracting from the body 's acting which could probably also be pushed ....I do like the use of camera work

Robert Zhou:

The camerawork is a bit too distracting. I like the zoom-ins for emphasis, but I feel a little dizzy when it zooms out. The character could use more varied facial expressions. Nice job though