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Herbivore Intervention

by Foster Eber

Final Rating: 4.86. Finished 65 out of 231 entries.

591 views including the voting period.


Animator: Foster Eber

Description: Deerby approaches his acquaintance Teygar about his recent eating habits, and things get taken a little too far.

Peg and Hand Animation in Toon Boom Stage 12

Experience: 2 Years (Current Student)

Time taken: 60 Hours


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Ahmed Jackson:



peg animation is lazy

Foster Eber:

I Like This One is Good Times

Adrian Winchell:

Oh cooll, Flash work? Very nice movements, despite not being "classical" 2D like you see a lot on here. I hope a lot of the folks doing Flash work on here see this, it's a really nice example of how you can do good animation with digital puppets, without drawing disney-style characters. Great job!

Sabrina Winkel:

Perfect! You should start a cartoon business!

Robert Zhou:

Great idea! I was most distracted by the reversing eyebrows, ie: when they go from ( to ) frequently.

Dan Harriman:

Nice work. What software did you use to create this one?