Final Rating: 7.52. Finished 3 out of 231 entries.

12,809 views including the voting period.


Animator: JoJo Phipathanapaiboon

Description: I don't eat meat

Experience: 3 year

Time taken: 3 week


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Vanni Alessio De Pieri:

wow!! great antics and expression! very enjoyable

Amin Bahari:

Great work! my top 3

Jessica "Jess" Jerome:

very cool

Mike Schanbacher:

So nice...really awesome shot...great characters, composition, and detail. Hope its a winner. :)

Greg Stovell:

My favorite by far! Great work.

Shamel Esmaeil:

great animation! the lipsync however seemed off throughout the shot, but really nice overall.


Nice one!

Adrian Winchell:

Oh this one's really nice! Nonhuman rigs, excellent animation consistent with the characters, great posing and expressions and timing and everything! 11/11 :D

As far as I can tell, there's only one bug in this, and you took care of it at the end ;D

Iqtidar Ali Siddiqui:

good one

Richard Adams:

Heh. Fun one! Though I sense a distinct "Lady and the Tramp" influence here. Nice emotional feel, very well animated. But....a fly *is* meat, isn't it? Still, one of the best animations this month so far. Top Ten for sure!

Nassim Briedj:


Lucas Donaldson:

I like how the dogs talking looks realistic to how a dogs face moves.



Warren Sloper:

The gag at the end kind of reverses the entire point of the scene :/ it also feels rushed. But the rest of the animation plays out super well and playfull on the dogs part. good stuff.

Yanick Belanger:

nice idea !

Davit Martirosyan:

Nice Consept

Pairatch Lertkajornwong:

nice job dude!!


very cute animal animation