Final Rating: 3.19. Finished 190 out of 231 entries.

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Animator: Mike Conway

Description: An omnivore meets a vegetarian bear.

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 2 days


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Eric Raffle:

not good when you only have the main key frames, you need to introduce more in-betweens ,follow-through , overlapping and all the rest of animation principles,
another thing to think of is if you have a bird character you must animate that character to its boundaries' and then push it a BIT MORE.

Alice Reeve:

Good body language, especially the "what is wrong with you?!" at the end. But there could be way more movement!

Adrian Winchell:

You've got a concept here, and done a ton of work on the lipsync, but there's really no animation - the characters pop from pose to pose, and those poses really are missing line of action and anything else to really sell the shot. You've got a good start on designing your cartoon, and while this would take a lot of work to have decent animation, you're on your way!

Kendra Kaye Coffey:

There's some great rough beginnings here. I think around frame 92ish the character on the left should have those mitten motions just a hair before he is doing those motions. Seems laggy.