Final Rating: 6.63. Finished 14 out of 231 entries.

1,936 views including the voting period.


Animator: Martyn Smith

Description: Two people talk about a thing.

Experience: 3 years professionally

Time taken: 6 days


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Adrian Winchell:

Wonderful job! 234-241, there's a bit of an extra bounce to the lipsync. Could push the old guy's reaction a little more at 37, just coz I didn't even notice his hesitation until rewatching it a couple times. But all in all amazing work!

Raphael Cancellier:

Some good acting ideas, like on the first "no". But the two last shot are a bit off, especially the lipsync, too bad!

David Ramirez:

Nice movement in here, very smooth.
@210 the phone is already on the stand part, maybe, since the bald guy is already excited about sausage, he can slam the phone onto the stand then you can go into the movements you have in?

Iqtidar Ali Siddiqui:

top 5 !

Richard Adams:

Very professionally done! Top Ten for sure!

Niklas Bergwall:

Love it! The only thing I am sceptical about is the final "what is wrong with you?" pose. I feel like there could be more happening there. It's still definitely top 10 in my view. Good job! :)

Lucas Donaldson:

lip sync at the very end seems a little off. otherwise, Awesome work!

Nassim Briedj:


Aanal Kumar:

awasom animation

Kendra Kaye Coffey:

Oh my I love the scooting up in the chair. Sets such a tone, like I could see this being the start of a very long conversation between a grandpa or uncle and the younger relation.