Final Rating: 2.82. Finished 214 out of 231 entries.

548 views including the voting period.


Animator: Gary Seto

Description: A waiters reaction to the boy being a vegetarian (Didn't have time to finish all the animation. But feedback is always welcome)

Experience: About 3 years

Time taken: A couple of hours after work for 3 weeks


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Eric Raffle:

given that we can see you didn't finish this one in time as there is no lip-sync, your motions are very choppy and you need to add more in-betweens and overlapping motions and slow in and out motions, needed way more work and I feel you could have given better character gestures as your character movements don't feel like a human would move they feel like a animator has animated them and I don't mean that as a compliment I mean it as you can see a animator has animated it, you need to study body motions more to get better realism.

Alice Reeve:

Nice body language. The movements are looking a bit jerky though; try to aim for more fluidity.

Lucas Donaldson:

Great sweeping motion of the adult. Though, could use some finishing up-ness. (lip sync, fine tuning of movements, etc.)

Richard Adams:

Little boy character doesn't match the mature adult male voice coming out of him. Animation lacks polish overall. A little smoothing would help.

S J Bennett:

Staging is not great - can't see grown-up's face clearly. Looks like you ran out of time for polish too.. ?

Adrian Winchell:

Did you run out of time before you did the lipsync? D: