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The Vegy Bussinessman Traveler

by Jerome Larouche

Final Rating: 5.65. Finished 35 out of 231 entries.

675 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jerome Larouche

Description: A man travels to North for bussiness and is sitting inside the only restaurant in the village. The problem is that the guy is vegeterian and they only serve meat.

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: Between 80-100 hours


(Commenting only available during the rating period)


You've got good poses and nice snappy timing. But I'm sad to say it doesn't really suit the mood of this scene.

David Ramirez:

The movements are awesome.
The server's thinking pose is great @157 :)
The shoulder pops up quickly I think around @18.

Nicolás Burmester:

Good but don't overuse extremes. You want to use them sparingly, ideally to create contrast with another more static or calmed motion. Otherwise there are so many extremes poses that you end up missing the highlights and the animation becomes very flat (in a very extreme way)

James Hornby:

The poses were really strong which is great, but they felt a little unnatural in places as if a human/cartoon wouldn't do that

Richard Adams:

Really nice exaggerated cartoony feel to this one!

Natacha "Fanotak" R.A.:

A bit over-acted but nice anyway :)

Adrian Winchell:

Really well animated, but the motions are way too large for this close of a shot. They'd look okay from farther away, but at this range, they're really over the top. That may be a stylistic choice, but it sticks out to me.

swati bhardwaj:

good shot showing you are very much creative with posing a character

Lucas Donaldson:

That's a lot of exaggeration. It looks good, but maybe have the eyebrows give a little more expression when the characters are emoting? nice job.


I think it's to exaturated, but the mvoement is nice tough

Joep de Laat:

the movement is too over-exaggerated IMO

Yanick Belanger:

Nice one ! Timing is good, it has a nice rythm. Two things caught my eye on the first watch : When he says "vegetarian", he moves the jaw a bit too much, it looks noisy from here. Maybe it should be only the lips that shape the word there. Also, When the waiter says "chicken", he comes and goes to a similar pose, with a big antic. Maybe if he would stay in that same pose without the antic, or maybe coming a bit toward the client, it would be enough. Je vais avoir dû en regarder 80 pour tomber sur le tien :O

Kendra Kaye Coffey:

Very good but the motion feels over done. Yes cartoony style is a thing but too much feels over acted.


nice animaion