Final Rating: 4.20. Finished 101 out of 231 entries.

525 views including the voting period.


Animator: Giorgi Tchanturia

Description: He doesn't believe that his friend got vegetarian

Experience: 2 years 3D animation 5 years 2D

Time taken: Approximately 4-5days


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Adrian Winchell:

Seems to just be a lot of glitches to work out here - but I wonder how many of them are issues with the rigs? The dog's nose seems to lift off a few times during lipsync, and the wolf has some poppiness to its motions. There needs to be some more actual emotion to the responses here tho' - they appear to just be sitting around saying the lines without any intent behind them.

Yogesh Paradkar:

some unnecessary actions of dog who bring the bone...
Scratching is not a action to be in the conversation,..

Lucas Donaldson:

When Balto scratches his ear, maybe move the left foot forward a little bit so it doesnt look so confusing or scrunched up? it looks good though!