Final Rating: 4.31. Finished 93 out of 231 entries.

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Animator: David Ramirez

Description: A server passing out meat discovers what a vegetarian is.

Experience: about 8 years

Time taken: Two weekends


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Adrian Winchell:

The server's motions are a bit fast and large to be easy to read here, and towards the end (sausage) it's a bit choppy. Love the little bit of manual motion blur on the fork tho'!


Expressions and pose is reaaly good ideas bt somewhere animation is missing.. great idea,,well done


Oh my god, I love the acting! :D
The body movement of the vegetarien is quite good when he pushed away the plate! The Red guy though is doing a weird "go and back" (around frame 160) He maybe should have just go from right to left. (and not left right left, I don't know if I'm clear ^^) It would be more understandable for the eyes. Keep it simple.
Same for the camera movement, it's confusing for the eyes that it's moving at the same time than the caracters.
Maybe the squashes around 252 are a bit too much... ^^ Maybe we could more "feel" it than see it (I don't know if I'm clear O.o)
And just a last thing, I don't really get why the vegeterian is looking away from the plate. He acts like I'm angry at you but kinda fast. The dialogue is going really fast, I don't know if you have time to have a reaction like that. I don't see when he realized that he's pissed of by the other. Maybe he could do it just a bit later, like on "the sausages"?
And I just LOOOVE the vegeterian head on f365!!! Love it, love it love it! It's perfect xD
And the other one too actually, I'm so sorry for him ^^