Final Rating: 6.71. Finished 12 out of 231 entries.

2,733 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kaisa Pirttinen

Description: Young lion is telling his buddy the panther about his new lifestyle.

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: About 60 hours in all


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Gabriel Areia:

Good job. But when the lion is running in the beginning it is too fast, but I like the rest. :)

Eric Raffle:

your thinking like a animator and that is good, you are thinking even though these are characters who talk you still giving them real motions that a lion or cat would do and this is good, very nice and fluid flow I almost forgot that it was just a animation which tells me you worked hard on this shot, good stuff keep it up. :)

Richard Adams:

Possibly the best 2d animation this month.

Alissar Kobeissi:

Story is poor and may have affected your rating, it doesn't make sense why the lion runs to the panther to say he's a vegetarian. But the acting is believable and animation is decent so well done

Yogesh Paradkar:


Iqtidar Ali Siddiqui:


Alexander Shuaibu:

would av been cool if he started eating a plant or sumfing :)
nice one tho

Amin Bahari:

The "what is wrong with you" part is well done!

Adrian Winchell:

Ooo, excellent 2D work, posing, everything!

James Hornby:

really nice! around the frame 280 mark you could use a smeared frame to make those head movements a little easier on the eye


don't understand the story, but animation is grate.. must be in the top 8.

Suyog Patil:

Great Work Top 3

Robert Zhou:

Animation was great! In terms of acting, I wasn't sure why the lion walked up to the other feline to talk about being vegetarian only to be upset. If he's trying to show off, maybe a smug expression would be in order.

srinivasrao v: