Final Rating: 4.16. Finished 104 out of 231 entries.

518 views including the voting period.


Animator: Cory Parks

Description: Two cooks chatting it up, when they should be working!

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: roughly 2 weeks


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Adrian Winchell:

Would have liked to see the other character animated beyond just keys. Also, more squash and stretch in the reactions - you can do anything with this medium, use it! But hooray 2D. :D

Richard Adams:

The character drawings are really hard to see. The cook moves well though.

Jyreme Mcmillon:

overall it's cool. I think maybe if you during the first cut it was more of a cut on action so it didn't feel so jarring to the viewer....also it really stood out to me of the secondary character striking the same pose twice within the shot....I think maybe some secondary action to break that up would help...just a thought though....I do like the foreground character alot although I kinda lost the first gesture "pork" the first time through.