Final Rating: 2.75. Finished 217 out of 231 entries.

519 views including the voting period.


Animator: Allen K

Description: two guys just talking

Experience: id say more than a novice

Time taken: including character design and rigging and animating mcuh


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Eric Raffle:

lip-sync not too bad but i'm not a fan of the motions and they are dead stiff with funny arm gestures that don't look right.

Adrian Winchell:

Agh, second one I've run into that's twice as loud as it should be - is this Flash? Flash seems to crank the audio up a lot. You haven't done a lot with the actual character animation - it's all lipflaps, and one or two heavily-tweened arm movements. Get some actual posing in there, with body motions and principles of animation! Hit up the forums on the next one for incremental feedback, you know the animation features of the program now, you can work on the animation itself. :D

Lucas Donaldson:

Something that might be good is a reaction on the part of the guy with the green shirt when the other guy asks, "what is wrong with you?"

Sabrina Winkel:

This is messed up.

Kendra Kaye Coffey:

Action and characters seem lifeless. Not a lot of facial expressions. Guy on left's eyes read like he is totally spaced out.