Final Rating: 3.13. Finished 192 out of 231 entries.

538 views including the voting period.


Animator: Dan

Description: Thanks to the generous Maya and animation community

Experience: Been messing around for years...but I'd say almost none

Time taken: Too hard to say (sorry)


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Manuel Jiménez:

Oh... dios.

Adrian Winchell:

Focus a little more on animating the hands, if you're going to use them for gestures like this. At 110, his fingers just pop to a curled pose for no reason. Also, I think having the first shot be an establishing shot showing both characters would make the back and forth shots later be a little less jarring, since the backgrounds are so different. Might want to get rid of the tweening of the boats - it's not really coming across as them bobbing on the water, just vaguely floating camerawork.

Sabrina Winkel:

Lip sync needs work and the camera switches too much