Final Rating: 2.89. Finished 211 out of 231 entries.

523 views including the voting period.


Animator: James Beardsell

Description: One guy does not understand why the other guy is a vegetarian and questions him about that.

Experience: 2 Years currently learning BA animation at Leeds College of Art

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Adrian Winchell:

The animation rule "show, don't tell" seems to be reversed here - the big flashy words and graphics in the background distract from the animation and make it hard to watch the acting. You've got a good sense of the poses here, and I could see them timed and scaled to work really well, but in this version they float a lot, and seem to be trying to out-shout the background, particularly the "NO MEAT" gesture at around 220-230.

Lucas Donaldson:

Character movement looks off. I like the background images though.

James Hornby:

you seem to be hitting accents which is nice but sometimes the characters seem to be moving for no other reason than to just move them. I would suggest hitting poses on the accents in the dialogue instead of having their limbs floating constantly

Richard Adams:

The added graphics were strange, like a TV ad. *shudder* Decent animation otherwise.

Yanick Belanger:

Not sure what the gestures are for. The texts appearing in the background does not add anything in my opinion. The animation is surely a good start though, the poses are great. You might need some polish so the flow from one to the other is better