Final Rating: 3.99. Finished 109 out of 206 entries.

435 views including the voting period.


Animator: Liang Wen Zhong

Description: My first performance animation.
Indifferent men talking...

Experience: student

Time taken: 5 days


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David Krein:

The motion choices are a bit confusing because they don't hit very well to convey the idea, but the concepts work in general.


That his left hand at the beginning needs improvement, I think

James Trimm:

i think the face needs some work, esp the eyes/ blinks are a bit distracting, the eyes seem to need more contrast

Lilly Durrant:

Nice - Just mind out around frame 52, think the pupil in the eye on the right is moving while the one on the left isn't, which makes his eyes look unnatural there.

Yuri Marcel Vieira:

careful with the eyes, around frame 55 they are looking on different directions and I dont think that was your intension

Brent Forrest:

going wall eyed at the beginning is distracting, but this is alright

Ejen Shafiq Isa:

his eyes were a bit floaty. thts the thing that distracted me first

Sandra Tapia:

Nice job! When he says " as eternity" I would probably rise his right hand a little.