Final Rating: 6.68. Finished 5 out of 206 entries.

5,322 views including the voting period.


Animator: Luis Velasco

Description: Nasa Astronaut going to the Eternity.

Experience: 3 Years

Time taken: 12/14 hours After Work.


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Niklas Bergwall:

Brilliant! I think the lip sync on "its a circle" might be slightly delayed though, but amazing work! One of the best, no doubt.


Synchronize sounds

Robert Huffmon:

Great expressions and lip sync. I almost wish he was talking to Tars from Interstellar.

Amartya Mukherji:

Wow. Lovely animation. The intensity and energy of the dialogue is matching. The subtle and limited actions are looking great. This is a top quality entry

Maysa Bogheiri:

Very nice!

James Trimm:

wow, this is really good and the ending is brilliant- super good expressions (again second half)
...shame the lip sync in first couple of seconds is just not quite there (cheeks puff out a bit weridly around 2 for me)
this would have made it perfect- i'm not quite getting his message/emotion though?

Ernesto Cabeza:


Benjamin Osei Boateng:


Alex Ferreira Simões:

missing the punchline

Paula Decanini:

A decent attempt on the lip sync, but it still needs work hitting on the right beats and the right mouth shapes. I think it was rather brave to try a close up. Good job on the putting some emotion behind the eyes.

Sam Surplice:

Love the subtleties in the eyes! Great job!!

Brent Forrest:

Subtle and beautiful. 10 stars

Marco Antonio Real Adame:

Awesome work!

You take care of the breathing and I think that it is very important in this audio.


Joyce Makker:

This is really great, but I think the audio is off a few frames, making the lipsync look a bit odd... At the start the jaw moves up and down too much.
I focused a lot on the mouth because it is centerscreen, you might want to frame it a little differently to have more focus on the eyes too.

Sandra Tapia:

Nice lip sync animation.

ben malberg:

Nice acting! That's one sad astronaut lol. The eyes are really good. My favorite part was from around f130-f210 really nice work there on the eyes and the internal though. And around f322 he looks like he's about to cry! Cool..The only thing that I saw was the mouth animation on TH 'everything' and the M on 'dimension'. I would make those more accurate. Good work!

Steve Kimbrey:

That's some really nice lip syncing and some nice mouth shapes too. I would've been nice to see a bit more body and have some more movement on there but if you were concentrating on the dialogue then it's looking pretty sweet. I would probably accentuate the mouth shape on "US" a little more as the dialogue emphasises it