Final Rating: 6.04. Finished 10 out of 206 entries.

2,092 views including the voting period.


Animator: Alex Ferreira Simões

Description: Men trying to explain the game for a kid.

Experience: 2 years student

Time taken: couple weeks after work


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Benjamin Osei Boateng:

Cool rim light

Paula Decanini:

I like the look up on "our dimension", but maybe move it too "that's eternity".

Evelyn Hernandez:

this is awesome. I would maybe look at giving the mouth shapes a second pass

ben malberg:

Wow your concept is quite similar to mine. Nice work on the poses and staging. One point I was confused about is when he picked up the ball, at first I thought he was tieing his shoe. The other point is, the audio cue for the ball drop is a bit off. I would work on the timing a bit more. The mouth animation needs a bit more clarity. I think it's pretty smooth though, nice spline work.

Brent Forrest:

Very nice lighting and acting. Smooth and cool 9 stars.

Timmy Kwee:

great use of the sound effects at the end. nice!

Sandra Tapia:

Very nice job with lip sync and facial expressions animation. I like the concept.

Steve Kimbrey:

Nice smooth and flowing movement but I think the eye darts to offscreen are a little confusing. Without seeing anyone there for context it makes the piece a bit hard to read. I didn't know who or what he was looking at when he said "to US" and I never found out, even after the second look offscreen. I would've either put someone in there for context or have the character addressing the camera (or slighty to the side of the camera)