Final Rating: 5.51. Finished 29 out of 206 entries.

538 views including the voting period.


Animator: Bartek Jerczynski

Description: Magic...

Experience: 2,5

Time taken: 80h


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ben malberg:

Nice staging and good expression of your character. The mouth animation I feel needs the most work. The card at the end looks cool, and a confident smile, which creates a change of emotion.

Amartya Mukherji:

Very nicely animated. But the audio is coming before the lip animation. One more frame audio offset will give you a better result.

Yashesh Mistry:

I loved the hold before "this is sphere". he is trying to search the word. Great.!
"But to them" - looked off the track to flow of your animation.

Paula Decanini:

Watch the degree to which you open the jaw for the words. Some words, it only needs to open a little. Also there isn't a lot of hitting of the mouth shapes on the phonemes. Hand gestures are pretty good though!

Benjamin Osei Boateng:

I like


Great work :)

Sandra Tapia:

Nice concept, facial expressions and lip sync animation. Not sure why is a "A" card a circle. Good job!

Joyce Makker:

This was pretty good, aside from the lipsync. Maybe the lipsync isn't bad, but the audio is just offset? It looks off at least.

Ruth Agada:

The lipsync needs more work but love the animation

Duy Nguyen:

The mouth needs a lot of work as it doesn't feel like the character is saying the words