Final Rating: 5.72. Finished 22 out of 206 entries.

775 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nishith

Description: guys it my 1st entry. hope you like it!!!


Experience: this is my 1st entry & i have 4+ years of production experience.

Time taken: approx 2 hours of work daily for 20 days


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Robert Huffmon:

Very fluid, nice work!

Ben Hopper:

Really good animation, but I was wanting a bit more life in his face.


super cool..

Namdeo Gunjan:

Great work keep it ahead

James Trimm:

brilliant - i just feel his eyes could come down a bit more a points to make him that little less staring, but this is fab animation (body esp)

Yashesh Mistry:

I believe, pointy fingers were distracting for me. I thought he was trying to show something (But it was just his style to hold the ball)

Paula Decanini:

Those poses and movement are pretty good, but I'm not really getting a strong sense of what the character is feeling or trying to convey. He seems very casual, which doesn't really fit the dialogue which feels more weighted and philosophical.

Lucas Degani:

This is pretty similar with a shot on AM reel.

Juan Carlos Navarro Gómez:

I don't know whether to feel flattered or annoyed. This is a rip off of my animation from Animation Mentor: staging is the same, posing is almost the same and acting choices are very similar.

Seems like you kinda know how to animate, so shame on you for the lack of creativity and stealing ideas.

I'm giving you one star to discourage you from doing the same and so everyone knows this is not an original piece.

David Krein:

I like the motion, definitely one of the better I've seen so far in use of body and subtlety of motion. Some poses I think could have been chosen a bit better like 'eternity' was a bit expected, and 'now to us' was just a distractingly strange stance for me.

Oliver Pedersen:

Pretty good

Tobias Fuhr:

great expressions. and very funny these quick steps, hehe

Sandra Tapia:

I really like the facial expressions. Good job!


very nice

Amartya Mukherji:

Very nice poses. Good Body mechanics. The weight shifts are done so beautifully. Nice and smooth animation.

Only I felt the Lip snc and facial expressions could have been more polished may be. Anyways, overall Superb quality.