Final Rating: 5.28. Finished 39 out of 206 entries.

541 views including the voting period.


Animator: Mika

Description: A teacher explains to his pupils the concept of eternity.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Niklas Bergwall:

Really liked this one, some of the movements might be a frame or two too quick though, especially when there's not much anticipation for them.


Synchronize sounds

Amartya Mukherji:

intensity and energy of the dialogue is not matching. You could have restricted the timing and spacing of your poses. Proper controlled, subtle and limited actions were needed.

Michael O'Brien:

Really beautiful, charming world. I'd love to explore it. The gestures he used while speaking(like wiping the dust off the globe) avoided being extraneous and really served to flesh out the character. A few technical issues are the lip syncing and the toned down facial expressions(you can definitely push those) but I think the big problem to solve is just to figure out who "them" refers to and then you've got something really great.

Steve Schwartz:

Nice rig/render. As for the animation, some of the real sharp movements go a little too fast and seem a little robotic.

Mervyn Le MandarinOrange:

The stopping of the globe seems abit too snappy.. Overall Good work!!

David Krein:

This started out wonderfully and then he went warp speed on his motions which completely contradicted his initial hobbling. That was the greatest harm to this animation for me. Otherwise the scene, setup, use of prop, and general motions were good.


Nice work, moving too fast fr135

Sandra Tapia:

Wow, I love it.

ben malberg:

It has tons of appeal. His movements around f95, f140, f221, f314 feel too fast. I would increase the timing on those actions.