Final Rating: 5.31. Finished 37 out of 206 entries.

482 views including the voting period.


Animator: FatCat

Description: The world is a small planet in the eternity universe.

Experience: 2 years.

Time taken: 2weeks.


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different concept

James Trimm:

very nice, eyes need work

Sai Srikanth Charepalli:


Mike Calhoun:

Great idea, great execution. But man, I really wanted to see some accentuated shapes on "sphere". And also I'd say adjusting the timing of the lip sync, it's a little off.

Caesar Naranjo:

Nice idea

Peter Meindertsma:

good animation but the sync was way off

Steve Kimbrey:

I really like the idea of this one. You have a lot of reactions from the kids which I think helps sell it. I think you hit some of the poses a little hard though. I'm also guilty of this more often than not. Try easing out a little more with your curves and making going into the poses a little softer

Jordan Campbell:

"But to them" doesn't seem to be in sync with his mouth for that line.

Sandra Tapia:

Love the concept. Good job!