Final Rating: 6.64. Finished 6 out of 206 entries.

4,015 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kawin Suteepongsopon

Description: He's talking to a young woman.

Experience: 3 y

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Steve Kimbrey:

Nice overlap and very nice smooth and flowing movement. I just don't get what the vampire thing has to do with the dialogue

David Krein:

I like the motion and most of the choices, as well as the use of the story, the framing feels a bit strange for me though.


Synchronize sounds

Amartya Mukherji:

Wow this one is too good. Feels great to come across such good quality entries. Everything about it is so refined and polished. very nice indeed.

Mike Calhoun:

Like the shapes on the mouth. I feel like it loses an essential shape on "circle" though. Nice weight shifts.

Caesar Naranjo:

I really like the analogy on this.

Steve Schwartz:

Not quite sure I get the story but the animation looks really good! That chin itch was a really nice choice.

Sarah Johnson:

Not sure I'm understanding the bat at the end, but the animation was lovely! Great work!

ben malberg:

Beautifully animated. I liked the lean up against the wall. The pose around 147 into the next position holding the wall. The only part that felt a little unnatural to me was when his hand comes up to his face around f120. It doesn't look like he's making enough contact with the face, so I'm confused what he's doing. I really like your moving holds, and how you captured the attitude of the dialogue. Story wise I was a bit lost the first time I watched it because I didn't realize he was a vampire. I might push the teeth poses a little stronger, which leads me to the mouth animation which looked great for the most part. (loved the part with 'it's a sphere' and the proceeding tongue smack) I think if you carved out TH on 'everything' it would help a bit. Really nice smooth work and impressive acting performance. :)

Brent Forrest:

bonus points for making me confused. 8 stars


Nice Work

Sandra Tapia:

I love the facial gestures. Very nice idea.