Final Rating: 4.56. Finished 70 out of 206 entries.

474 views including the voting period.


Animator: roy cobn

Description: The old dude (Doug) shares his thoughts and knowledge with his dog (Wilson)

Experience: not enough

Time taken: 50-60 hours


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Ben Hopper:

Nice animation. Good poses. I thought the "outside ... our dimension" part missed out acting wise, but overall really good.

Sandra Tapia:

" but to them" Who? Aliens? I have to say that I really liked the idea, style and animation. Very good job!

Michael O'Brien:

This is a cute relationship you have here. Just not sure why the man is talking about this in the first place.

Joyce Makker:

Nice acting.

ben malberg:

Nice use of the principles, try to get the whole body to move as a unit.

srinivasrao v: