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Existential Orange

by Kyle

Final Rating: 4.49. Finished 73 out of 206 entries.

416 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kyle

Description: Strangers at a bus stop discuss the mysteries of the universe.

Experience: About 5 or 6 years

Time taken: About 19 hours


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Steve Kimbrey:

Nice actions and reactions. It's pretty creepy!

Michael O'Brien:

Very funny idea, I think you pulled off the "sphere/circle" idea well because of this: we're more likely to relate to the man trying to get away so we don't have to know what the other guy is talking about but it's important that he knows what he's talking about and that definitely reads. The characters both have pretty clear intentions but I think you could go even further with them, particularly with the scared man. He looks very uncomfortable so it only makes sense to me that he would try harder or longer to get away but he stops long before the animation is over. Maybe give him more bench to scoot down? The man with the orange comes off as subtly loony and I really enjoy that more than if he went crazy. You pulled off the creepiness by keeping everything but his eyes rational. Keep working on this one!

Steve Schwartz:

Nice animation. Probably would have avoided a render on this.

Sandra Tapia:

Very nice job!


i like orange guy's expression :)


too dark, can barely see the anim

Karinga Wells:

i love the reacting guy. i loled. great ideas and timing. I would have pushed the talking guy a little more annoying right off the gate.