Final Rating: 2.86. Finished 171 out of 206 entries.

346 views including the voting period.


Animator: Silver Harris

Description: The universe to one man is but the circle of another being.

Experience: moderate

Time taken: 3days


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ben malberg:

Very funny idea, lol. Original. The mechanics need some work though. Firstly, I would make sure the eyes are not floating around on the coconut, they look detached. The sharks at the end are a nice touch.

Dylan MacBurnie:

I genuinely laughed when you revealed what was going on, but getting that far from the main speaking character (when they're that small) kind of takes away from it. Nice though!

Sandra Tapia:

Love the water effect. I would probably hold the coconut differently, coconut is not that tiny to hold him like that for a while.

Tobias Fuhr:

great concept, but the animation is not so good.