Final Rating: 4.35. Finished 84 out of 206 entries.

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Animator: Jesse Angri

Description: When an award-winning actor guest stars on a preschool children's television program, he has a little trouble keeping things simple.

Credit: "Guy" rig by VMComix at Blendswap. I apologize for failing to credit his rigs on my last entry.

Experience: A few years

Time taken: Less than 65 hours


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quite energetic animation for a slow talk but i think you pull it through. I like it

Brent Forrest:

Pretty jerky but appealing. 7.

ben malberg:

Pretty cool setup going on here. I like all the expressions and gestures you've added, good effort. I think some of arm movement is popping because arcs aren't being used in some cases, as well as not giving enough time or anticipation before a big action. (the screen R arm f136-f153) The lip sync needs some work. Love the pose you go into at f183, which compliments the audio.

Paula Decanini:

A little odd in the concept, but I'll roll with it. Watch out that you don't over animate, and add more variation in your transitions. It feels too snappy from each pose to the next, some can be slower to give accent to the key poses.

Jack Stollery:

Nice one! Good to see a suzanne cameo! :)

Evelyn Hernandez:

the poses are really strong and nice, but... i feel like they are a little overboard for this dialogue.


Too snappy for the dialogue

Ejen Shafiq Isa:

nice snappy animation :)

Sandra Tapia:

Nice job!. It's a little confusing when he shows " to us" and " but to them"?

Alec Farai Munhapa:

xd guessing a blender animation may win a 11 second club soon :P but well tried