Final Rating: 5.65. Finished 23 out of 206 entries.

829 views including the voting period.


Animator: Fırat Cenkci

Description: Tom is giving advice about others.

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 3 weeks after work and weekends


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Joel Murphy:

Nice keys, smooth it out even more, and you'll have a great animation! keep working on it!


Nice mouvement but the fingers repeat themselves a bit too much
a little bit more expressions on the facila would have been nice
Very nice job !

Mike Calhoun:

Really wanted to give this a great rating, awesome poses and body shifts. But the lip sync was missing essential shapes on "outside", "circle" and the transition from "to" and "us" was a little too quick.

Paula Decanini:

I like everything up to frame 114, but the pose after that when he looks at the table feels weak. Also there needs to be some movement in the left hand, it looks like it's pinned to the table.

Sandra Tapia:

Nice lip sync animation and facial expressions.

Michael O'Brien:

The personality of your character comes out very naturally in this animation, nothing feels forced and it really comes off as his voice. Once you can ground him into some kind of a story and environment, put more context behind his words, you'll have a really solid piece.

David Krein:

I enjoyed this one, good work up until the hand choices for sphere and the following ones, those did not quite feel to me like they worked toward the goal of the dialogue as well as the first half. The 'sphere' one looked like a strange hand shape, possibly due to the angle. The 'but to them' felt like it would be a bit uncomfortable to point that way with the ring finger that far down, and the final motion I'm honestly not certain why, most likely the hard hit.

ben malberg:

Beautifully animated. It was really smooth!! The fingers felt a little floaty to me around f139 and f225. I like intensity you brought the character, I was captivated. That first hand sweeping gesture sucked me right in. Thank you teacher. :)


Very Nice, would work a little on the fingers to make nicer poses

Steve Kimbrey:

You have a lot of big poses towards the beginning where his tone is a bit more subdued. I would have made a bigger pose on "to US" where his voice level increases and he really emphasises the work. Nice movement though.