Final Rating: 5.73. Finished 21 out of 206 entries.

819 views including the voting period.


Animator: Stanley Jones & Samuel Sathler

Description: Dr. Square speaks about dimensions.

Experience: Some

Time taken: 3 days


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Ben Hopper:

Looks great, but the animation isn't quite there for me. Some polish on the acting and timing will really help this one.


I like your concept
Good work


Ha ha he really squares the circle & animation is well done.

James Trimm:

Pretty cool! That must have taken a bit of time:-)


loved the concept..

Paula Decanini:

Did you read the Stop Staring face animation book too?

Sarah Johnson:

I really like the way you re-interpreted the audio in a creative way. Great job!


lot of good ideas, congrats

Sajjad Afzal:

loved the animation and the idea. Creative...

Brent Forrest:

Original. Points for originality. Animation is decent too. 9.

Sandra Tapia:

Nice animation! Love the concept.

Tobias Fuhr:

i love the expressions, mainly eyebrowns.

Amartya Mukherji:

Ha ha ha.. Very funny. :-)
Plus nice animation. Is this a free rig? Where did you get this?
If you have designed the character yourself, then you deserve one extra star my friend.