Final Rating: 2.01. Finished 203 out of 206 entries.

514 views including the voting period.


Animator: Trish Williams

Description: A crazy scientist looks into a sphere at a world he created and tries to explain it to some concerned colleagues.

Experience: College Student

Time taken: 8 hours


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Joyce Makker:

This looked promising, but then it stayed exactly the same. It isn't enough.


I'm sorry but this just bad. You need to show the characters face.

Justin Jones:

So this is a test of fancy particle effects, and reflection off of some glass ball? Sadly as fancy as it may look, there isn't much animation here.

Robert Huffmon:

If the camera angle was a bit different, to where we could see the full face of the character this would have been much better.

Paula Decanini:

This is basically a shot that shows effects, which isn't bad, but we're not seeing any character animation. The effects should only be enhancing a scene in this competition.

roy cobn:

started intresting but u stayed with that shot.why?..

Ben Hopper:

Where's the performance?

ben malberg:

Nice particle test. I wanted to see more of the guy though. At least some mouth animation.

Hernan Beroldo:

Brent Forrest:

Lazy stuff man!


Not ready for the competition

Sandra Tapia:

I would have liked more if I could have seen the front face.

Jesse Angri:

For this contest, focus on the character animation. Not the FX.

Kartick Pramanik: