Final Rating: 5.14. Finished 44 out of 206 entries.

478 views including the voting period.


Animator: Laxmikanta Jena

Description: Thanks to Morpheus Rig

Experience: some

Time taken: Few days


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James Trimm:

very nice animation, maybe his other arms a bit too static/ hanging out a bit, if it's resting just have it closer to the body maybe

Paula Decanini:

The quick movement before "that's eternity" doesn't really fit with the piece. It doesn't feel like there's much animation on the mouth corners, so not a lot of emotion is reading from the bottom half of the face.


Nice job

David Krein:

Good work, felt some poses in the beginning hit a bit harder than they should, but smoothed out later so the inconsistency harmed it overall a bit, but not too much.

Sandra Tapia:

Very nice!