Final Rating: 4.42. Finished 78 out of 206 entries.

408 views including the voting period.


Animator: 伟伦

Description: Surprise~

Experience: Student

Time taken: 28day


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David Krein:

Like the idea, and I love the expression just challenging the audience with the 'hahaaa!' trick without using the expression. It doesn't match the sound effects that the clip has though, and could use more body motion to match the major motions and still maintain the stylized cartoony movement I feel.

Jerry Graham:

Lip synce needs a lot of work.

Joyce Makker:

I so wish this was polished more! This might have won... The body has great animation in some places, and in others it doesn't. Not enough time was spent on the lipsync. So overall it doesn't cut it, but it has a lot of potential. I really hope you finish this! :)


loved the magic:)
anim need more passes

Jess Giaquinto:

The body animation is great, but the mouth shapes lacked believability. Be careful what you do with the eyebrows. By pulling the inner brows down, I think you may have inadvertently conveyed an angry emotion that you didn't intend.

Brent Forrest:

Hand flourishes are great, the animatino is pretty good, but your llipsync is wayyy off

rahul rishikesh:

the palm is in a awkward poSe in the last frames....good timing!

Sandra Tapia:

Very nice facial expressions. Not sure why a card is a sphere.

ben malberg:

Hey I like your poses and appeal. Easy on the eyes.
f61 comes a bit too fast
f145 nice!
f186 I like the hand movement but I think the body needs to be more involved in the movement.
The mouth animation needs some work. Especially on 'sphere'
f351 the hand pops into position, I would have some in betweens there, in my opinion.
nice work