Final Rating: 4.49. Finished 73 out of 206 entries.

405 views including the voting period.


Animator: Pranav Virdi

Description: A teacher trying to explain ...

Experience: 5-6

Time taken: 4-6 days


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Steve Kimbrey:

A little boring. You only have a couple of poses for the whole thing. It's solid. I just think you could've made it a bit more interesting


Would push more the facial, the hands pose could be nicer at the end

James Trimm:

nice ideas, his 'mood' is quite an unexpected change, so maybe throw some bigger face contrasts at beginning to prepare us?:)

Joyce Makker:

I already told you what I think, haha. It's not finished, but I like where it is going. It has some clear potential. Watch out for the symmetrical pose after 'but to them'.

Paula Decanini:

I kind of like the sad tone of this, but it's very pose-to-pose.

David Krein:

Decent setup, I like the motions until it became very pose-to-pose and he was locked in place. That could have used some general movement.

ben malberg:

Nice acting on this. The writing looks great and the pencil drop at the end was a nice touch. Funny. I think there's a couple places where it looked frozen around f167 and f294. Nice work.

Sandra Tapia:

Nice lip sync. I feel that animation looks a little slow.