Final Rating: 5.03. Finished 47 out of 206 entries.

420 views including the voting period.


Animator: Malcolm Mole

Description: Just started learning Maya, this is my first 3D character animation. All feedback welcome, thanks :)

Experience: 8 years as a 2D animator

Time taken: 20 days approx


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Niklas Bergwall:

That was brilliant! I think you should try to make the lip sync more fluent though, it felt a bit too snappy and not very natural, its like he opens his mouth too much too quickly.

Brent Forrest:

I like this animaiton, I call it crispy! Your lipsync is right on the beat, very good timing, the mouth seems to spring open quite a bit, but I kind of like that. Nice spritey motion, overall appealing. 8.5/10

Jerry Graham:

It's Gary Cole!


lipsync off
good job !

Daren Davoux:

good body motion, lip/mouth shapes are weak

James Trimm:

really good, i think that he seems to be smiling all the way through, maybe contrast it a bit at beginning/ or middle etc.

Paula Decanini:

I could feel the Matthew McConaughey coming through in this. It ended stronger than it began though. Go back and try to give it a little more 'oomph' in the beginning.

Joyce Makker:

The lipsync is much too exaggerated. The rest of the animation isn't all that bad, it just needs some more polish, it's not finished.


nice animation feel.. need to b fine tune a lot, but like the feel...

ben malberg:

Nice character and mouth animation. Really suits the dialogue. I like your poses too. I think it needs some polish though. (for example the elbow pop around f194) I like the last pose a lot.


Good work, the lipsync needs alot of work