Final Rating: 5.32. Finished 35 out of 206 entries.

572 views including the voting period.


Animator: Pedram Sadegh-Beyki

Description: a spiritual leader talks about the other dimension

Experience: about 3 years

Time taken: 18 days


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Joel Murphy:

More ease in/ ease out of the arm movements would have helped the animation. they appear kind of "floaty" right now.

Jerry Graham:

I feel like you need to exaggerate the speaking on a character with no visible mouth. Good though.

Paula Decanini:

Interesting, but I would like to see the movement for "sphere" around frame 220 to be smoothed out some. It seems to hitch a little in the beginning.

Maysa Bogheiri:

The performance looks nice; however it is really hard to see the lip sync because of the facial hair.

David Krein:

I like the motion and atmosphere quite a bit, and how the character alone tells an unspoken story of where he is, but I do believe this man is infested with coral.

Sandra Tapia:

Very simple and clean. I love it.

Brent Forrest:

I modelled and rigged the Olskool rig about 10 years ago, I'm so glad to see it's still in use. It's probably in dire need of an update, anyways I like the animation! You get full marks. 11.


So so..

Corey Aaron Burkes:

I believe it. I can feel the character speaking these lines.

Ruth Agada:

I can't see the lipsync because of the beards. It is a little distracting.