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Description: As Orange alien looks at his hologram of the universe, he ponders about Earthlings, and attempts to teach Blue alien what he has learned.

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Experience: 4 year college degree

Time taken: 12 days


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Ben Hopper:

I love the scene, but the animation needs a lot more love.

James Trimm:

Really nice, esp body follow through. The only thing I want is perhaps more eye expressions/contrast (as he's got 3 of them!:) You could play around with this and have one eye doing soemthing different etc.?
Also they would be a bit cross-eyed when looking towards one thing (if you see what I mean?)
for example the end frame: the left eye should be looking more inwards and the top eye downwards, (if they are all meant to be looking at the dome thingy:)?

Eric Raffle:

very nice just could have added some secondary animation to the helmet

Ben Wardle:

Nice idea. I would work on the timing of the poses, the animation feels floaty.

Joyce Makker:

I think this is pretty good, but the actions need to flow together more, especially those of the head. Sometimes the animation hits walls.

Sandra Tapia:

Very nice job! I love this characters. I would probably put a little animation on the blue guy.

Steve Kimbrey:

This is quite nice and I like the lip syncing. I think you could've made that big pose change on "now to US" instead of at the end of "eternity". The pose intensity would've fit the dialogue intensity better