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World's most boring arcade game

by Elliot Russell

Final Rating: 6.05. Finished 9 out of 206 entries.

2,496 views including the voting period.


Animator: Elliot Russell

Description: Pixels...

Experience: 1-2 years

Time taken: Evenings and weekends


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Justin Jones:

Pixel animation! And it's very well done. Good work!

Brent Forrest:

Ooooh pixel art! Love it! 10 / 11

Michal Shukrun:

I get what you tried to say here!

Michael O'Brien:

Oh my gosh, you made so much sense out of that quote, well done. It's a very cute moment and the father seems to be really invested in what he's teaching his son. You were wise to use a bonfire to make sense of all of the little background noises we here throughout the sound byte but the one thing that bugs me a little is the noise at the end when he puts the fruit away doesn't seem to make sense with the action. Maybe it pops and turns into points? So far this is the best I've seen for this month.

Sai Srikanth Charepalli:

video game characters!! good concept. i like it.

James Trimm:

really neat style, probably a bit much animation/pixels for 8 bit though:-) follow through is definitely there though and makes it very good - it's clever what parts of the body you chose to hold/ make static at different points (whilst not losing this follow-thru too!)

Caesar Naranjo:

very cute and awesome idea.

roy cobn:


Steve Schwartz:

I was hoping I had a shot this month but man if this doesn't get my vote for winner. Well done!

Robert Firestone:

I really like it! Strong concept and all the acting beats hit nicely.

David Krein:

This makes me suddenly want to install an old school Point and Click adventure game. For that, an extra star for the animation adding to the atmosphere.


I love your work, great idea and good anim !! I think we have a winner, congrats ;)

Sandra Tapia:

I really love this concept, very original!