Final Rating: 2.80. Finished 178 out of 206 entries.

403 views including the voting period.


Animator: Toponetone

Description: The view of the world from the hen house...its just a matter of perspective.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: Done after hours over two weeks


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Ben Hopper:

Ambitious idea. Poor animation.

David Krein:

Concept's fun, animation is block-in level though.

Brent Forrest:

Very rigid. A disaster. Eleven thumbs up.

James Trimm:

...that got more sinister as it got along:)



Tobias Fuhr:

maybe you can make less takes. the first take is good, 2nd is so long for the angle of camera and the last take is so fast I didnt understand what happened.

ben malberg:

I like your original idea. The camera starts straight on, I think it would more appealing to have a more 3/4 view. When you cut from one shot to the next try to position the action in the same location on the screen. It's easier on the audiences' eyes.

Sandra Tapia:

I love the concept, really nice!