Final Rating: 3.28. Finished 149 out of 206 entries.

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Animator: Khalil

Description: A snipers philosophy of the world through his scope "sphere,"and how the end of the barrel is received as a circle

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: 1 month


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Tyler Murphy:

Nice idea, but the movements are awkward and the lip sync is off


An interesting approach to illustrate a sphere & a circle within the same device


Cool concept, but lots of dead body parts, not a lot of subtle movements, needs a lot of work.

David Krein:

Not sure I would have had him fire during a camera movement, that makes it read strangely. Animation overall is a bit too subtle to be memorable, and for me the concept doesn't fit the audio too much, but it's decently put together.

Sandra Tapia:

I like the idea. I would probably move his left hand a little showing that he is setting the shotgun. Good job!


nice concept. I like it.. animation needs to be improved.....

ben malberg:

Cool a hitman! Nice idea to match the audio. It works..
"That's eternity.." lol (because they die??) The movement feels a little rough to me. The head lift around f93, and the general spacing of the movements feel pretty even. I liked the recoil movement, that looked pretty good. Maybe some more work on the eyes could help build the intensity.

Karinga Wells:

kind of a confusing idea. the camera man knows what the guy is going to say and and zooms out to show the circle? makes the whole thing look too unnatural.