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circle of eternity

by Es

Final Rating: 4.47. Finished 76 out of 206 entries.

443 views including the voting period.


Animator: Es

Description: Thanks to Jason Baskin for the rigs!
“Mike and Tina – Maya character rig”

Experience: 3 years student

Time taken: one week


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here i see some good staging ..but animation needs improvement (principles)

Justin Jones:

Perhaps it would have been better to set up the shot to show all the characters in the room right at the start. You don't really know that they're there until a few seconds into the scene.

James Trimm:

Really good - feel like his hands float around just a bit too much. Also I would make his facial expressions, esp the eyes more contrasting in pace between key poses (which are there) but are lost a bit, because as with hands, they merge into one another a bit.... like the ending!:)

ben malberg:

Haha that last part was unexpected and funny. I think you have some really nice and unique hand gestures going on, especially the hand roll at around f140. I think these big actions require some overlapping of the body more. Now, the hands movement seems separated from the movement of the torso. Man that ending is still cracking me up.

Mike Calhoun:

Made me laugh, so congrats on that. But my gripe was that the character had such smooth wavy transitions from pose to pose that I felt dizzy. I'd say get some holds or delays in at some specific poses you want to emphasize. Also the lip sync needs some work.

Paula Decanini:

There are no holds, everything just mechanically flows from one thing to the next.

Joyce Makker:

A little theatrical in its movements! Too much!

Sandra Tapia:

I like the concept. Nice lip sync animation and rendering.

David Krein:

Hahaha, okay, that troll ending was wonderful, definitely made it more memorable. The movement seemed pretty solid, I feel that you may have dragged on the 'eternity' spiral and the initial finger wag was a bit much. The rest fit nicely.

rahul rishikesh:

Head was a little floaty...good attempt