Final Rating: 3.81. Finished 117 out of 206 entries.

381 views including the voting period.


Animator: Stephen Alexander

Description: Step back, take a drink, and contemplate spheres for a few seconds.

Experience: Two Years.

Time taken: About Two And A Half Weeks.


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Ben Hopper:

Timing. Timing is the biggest problem with this one, and the poses float from one to the other instead of the convincing body movement people would like to see.


the camera moves too much for nothing
Timing could be better


no overlaps, too lineal, could be smoother

Maysa Bogheiri:

It would help improve the animation if you hold some of the poses a little longer

Peter Meindertsma:

make your movements more deliberate, there's a lot of floating going on with your arm movements.

David Krein:

I like the concept and the scene, although how he uses the glass is not correct, the liquid would be on his shirt at those angles (which would have been amusing in its own right). Some of the movements hit a bit near the end, and the bottle felt like it lacked the weight it deserved as he placed it on the mantle.

ben malberg:

Hey cool setup here. The eyes look locked on the bottle around f125 I think the head is rotating too much. The key poses are nice, and suit the piece. I think one thing I would do is try to vary your transitions between poses. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Right now everything seems to be moving at the same rhythm which feels mechanical. I think the camera zoom at the end is a little jarring because of the mellowness of the first part. Nice action with the finger around the rim of the cup.

Sandra Tapia:

Very nice concept. I like the facial expressions.