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Animator: Paisley Hansen

Description: Slick Rick is in his first semester of philosophy and just wants to impress a lady.

Experience: Second year animation major

Time taken: About 2 weeks


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ben malberg:

Hey there, this is some nice work. I think your character development is spot on, and I love how you took the voice and created a sleazy guy lol. Mechanically, some areas of the body are moving without others, so I would say it's incomplete. For example the body moves from F22-F23 but the book remains motionless. I like the overlap with the hair especially in the final shot. Very funny, I hope to see more of your work!

Joel Murphy:

could use more inbetweens


lol..last part was funny..

Jerry Graham:

Nice! I was wondering what she had behind her back.

Benjamin Osei Boateng:

i like the idea, but I feel more work could have done to sell it... weldone

Sai Srikanth Charepalli:

Funny!! :D

Daren Davoux:

good start, needs polish

Steve Schwartz:

That arm swoop is beautiful. Love the design. Would have liked to see more inbetweens.

roy cobn:

cute! try to smooth it more

Tobias Fuhr:

you have great poses and the concept is awesome. keep working on it

Ejen Shafiq Isa:


Sandra Tapia:

Wow, love it!