Final Rating: 3.66. Finished 128 out of 206 entries.

420 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kantrell B

Description: Not finished, just posting it for now.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 3 days


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Tyler Murphy:

The poses are decent but the movement is really stiff, the shoulders and back are way too static for the movements he is making

Justin Jones:

The animation felt very stiff.

Jerry Graham:

Good poses, timing etc - follow through on the poses will make a huge difference - ie, make sure the hands don't stop dead like a statue.

Lilly Durrant:

Would be great to see it finished, as it's a nice start with the natural hand movements at the beginning.


its blocking!!!...poses are okay.. work on your timing .. avoid floating will do better..thanks

Sarah Johnson:

Great secondary motion with him playing with the ball, but the greater motions need a lot more polishing. Keep at it!

Paul D. Cooke:

Watch your ease-in / ease-out


fingers are not to bad but the rest really really needs polish.

Brent Forrest:

Some of the poses are ok but youve got to come to grips with working with constraints

Joyce Makker:

I can see it's not finished, but it looks pretty promising. Keep it up.

ben malberg:

It's a good start, I like the acting and the poses with the ball. The ease ins need to be smoothed out.