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February...see, everything...

by J. Miguel Gonzalez

Final Rating: 4.49. Finished 73 out of 206 entries.

426 views including the voting period.


Animator: J. Miguel Gonzalez

Description: Another exercise for February.

Experience: More than 12 years

Time taken: 13 hrs


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

David Krein:

I feel like this could be much better, however it feels like the rig was limiting, and it's difficult to see if it kept focus. The large iris prevents the subtlety that this clip feels it deserves.

ben malberg:

Nice challenge using a dog for this. I think your idea is good. The mechanics of the dog, (especially the back legs) looks a little unnatural to me. When the paw comes off the ground the toes should be the last thing to leave as though it's being peeled off the ground. I recommend studying some footage of quadrupeds to help you with the initial blocking stage. I like the circular movement of the head when the dog says 'it's a sphere'.

James Trimm:

some nice animation, biggest thing for me is the sit-down and don't feel enough weight here- more anticipation/ follow through needed

Sandra Tapia:

Good job.

Joyce Makker:

Feels a bit weird that he doesn't seem to be talking to anyone, not even the camera. But he doesn't seem to be talking to himself either...

John Kennedy:

the foot order is incorrect back left, front left, back right, front right. the rest is quite nice, his paw looks too broken when he gestures 'to them' that and the sitting position is a little unnatural (hind quarters) apart from that nice work, keep it up!