Final Rating: 4.58. Finished 68 out of 206 entries.

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Animator: Hakan Abbas

Description: Theoretical Physics Lesson
Professor Norman

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 4 days


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good staging...but animation need to improve..(principles)

James Trimm:

The 1st and last long shots are great - movement and particularly the walk at beginning are really good- the middle needs most work, feel his body floats/and is bit mechanical- more follow through needed (on arms on"us" for example)

Joyce Makker:

With lots more polish I think this could be a great piece of animation. It lacks a lot in the acting department though, the animator should think more about nuances in the audio and convey that in the acting

roy cobn:

ok but it's a bit boring u know,,

rahul rishikesh:

last pose looks a lil awkward...the thumb! otherwise its a good one

Pedram Sadegh-Beyki:

Good character acting!


little stiff.. but simple and good..

Sandra Tapia:

Very nice concept.! I like the poses.

ben malberg:

I like the poses and the secondary movement with the stick. One point I think is he has a big belly so I think his momentum should start and stop more slowly. Around f105 he stops a bit abruptly for the amount of weight he's carrying.