Final Rating: 5.06. Finished 46 out of 206 entries.

483 views including the voting period.


Animator: ashis

Description: Thanks to Norman Rig

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 14 days


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ben malberg:

Hey there, I like how you kept it simple, I was engaged in the character. I think you did a nice job on the eyes, which helped to express his emotion. Mechanically I think you're on your way in polish but it still feels a bit rough to me. The class movement in the beginning from about f27-f65 looks too robotic to me. It was a bit jarring, because it contrasted the rest of the body's movement. The mouth animation I think could be a bit stronger, the TH in `everything` and the B in `but` for example. Anyway, nice work, and his left hand looks really good, especially that overlap.

Joel Murphy:

nice animation, but what makes the quote relevant?


nice one. acting/posing needs to be clearer..

James Trimm:

Really good- the main thing I think needs most work here is the right elbow resting on the table - don't feel any weight is resting on it, but looks like there should if its that close/ i.e looking like its touching the table. The face animation is really good, maybe add a few quick blinks in there...

Juan Gomez:

When he's raising the glass, the movements in the arm look stiff.

Paula Decanini:

There wasn't really any facial expression to read to tell the audience how he felt. Don't just rely on eyebrows to do all the work.

Josh C:

Not bad! Stronger performance would really push it to the next level

Steve Schwartz:

Really nice and subtle work here. So happy when someone works on the animation without a render. Only thing I would suggest (and this is nit picking) is to maybe make the mouth shape on "us" a little wider. Other wise, great work!

Steve Kimbrey:

Nice smooth movement but I think you could've played on the word emphasis a little more. The strength behind him saying "to us" is quite strong but you pose and movement is quite soft. Try matching the intensity of the animation with the dialogue.

Grant Lamb:

I liked how you incorporated the ambient/background noises


Good Animation ...