Final Rating: 3.82. Finished 116 out of 206 entries.

380 views including the voting period.


Animator: Oskar

Description: Recently fired astronomer explains his theory to his best friend Wilson.

Experience: 1 Year

Time taken: 3 Days


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Synchronize sounds


You should keep the same style of animation throughout the shot. I feel it's too slow at the beginning and the end

roy cobn:

too much overacting i think

Sandra Tapia:

Nice animation!

Karinga Wells:

over acted. if you were paid to act out those lines in real life i doubt you would be jumping all over the place in the audition

ben malberg:

The stretching looks good, I feel it needs a lot more anticipation for such a big movement. The ending made me lol. :)

David Krein:

This is a tough one to rate, the movements just don't fit with each other even if they are decent. I don't know how to interpret the subtle motions between the ridiculous ones, all I can say is I do not personally feel they fit well.