Final Rating: 3.21. Finished 151 out of 206 entries.

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Animator: Sandra Tapia

Description: Both parent and child are in an island investigating Dino creatures. While the child is making notes of a Dino creature, his dad comes and bothers him with his sarcastic voice.

Experience: 1 year and 4 months

Time taken: 1 week


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Pamela Rivera:

I think that it needs more secondary actions on the dad character. Also the second character needs more life on it, because it's a little bit frozen. I think that at this moment, what you have is a good blocking for polishing it a little bit more. Try to make a video of you acting the dialogue :)

Benjamin Berg:

A few notes.
1) Story doesn't make sense.
2) the screen left arm on the character at the beginning seems to hover and doesn't seem to move much.
3) Looks like your animation is in the VERY basic spline phase and could use a lot more work.

I hope this helps! :-)

ben malberg:

Cool character design. The body mechanics needs some work. The action of the main character's left arm around f175 I'm trying to decide which would be better FK or IK because I think both could work there. Either way the arcs need to be smoother. The secondary character's upset expression was kind of frozen (around f259), but I don't really know why he's upset, or even if it is upset or just serious. I do like the main character, seems like kind of an eccentric, which I feel you expressed pretty well.

Josh C:

Not a bad story idea, but could definitely be better defined. I like the design cues

Tobias Fuhr:

i don't like some moviments because they always moving or has a little and long rotation. i like the little pug.

Jess Giaquinto:

This is a good start! Make sure to focus on your timing, and adjust your tangents so that everything isn't happening all at the same speed.