Final Rating: 5.35. Finished 34 out of 206 entries.

531 views including the voting period.


Animator: Michael Rivera

Description: A Lesson From Hell.

Experience: 6 years in the industry

Time taken: 5 days - 4-5 hours per day


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Steve Kimbrey:

I like the face poses but I think you show a little too much teeth. I had a tricky time with my rig actually. Watch yourself speaking it in the mirror. I found it quite surprise how little you actually see the teeth in normal mouth movement.

Ben Hopper:

Man, this one is really close to being great. I think a bit more attention to the timing is needed here.

Joyce Makker:

Very intense. I liked it. It lacks a bit of polish, but it's still great.

Tobias Fuhr:

great expressions, maybe you should give more movement on the shoulders

David Krein:

The atmosphere helps make the movements feel poignant. The hand shapes could use some better silhouettes, but in general I like the movements and pose choices even if they could use a bit more to make them stand out.

Mervyn Le MandarinOrange:

I love the facial expression.. Well Done!!

Brent Forrest:

Nice. I like the magic ness

Sandra Tapia:

Love the concept. Nice animation!


Nice shot, the hand feels slow at the end when he says circle

ben malberg:

This is nicely done! And what a great concept. Loved the ending haha, that facial expression told it all. The one part that bugged me a little was the hand pose around f105, it just felt awkward to me, not sure why. Really smooth stuff.

Brian Dunning:

Nice touch with the halo! Good foot-lighting and coloration here in this scene.