Final Rating: 3.42. Finished 142 out of 206 entries.

428 views including the voting period.


Animator: Samo

Description: He talks to his friend on the phone describing him how evil he is, and that everyone who stands opposite to him or his company will be crushed.

Experience: Intermediate

Time taken: 10 Days


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Steve Kimbrey:

Some interesting choices of poses. The movement is a little too snappy and abrupt and I would reconsider some of your camera positions to frame the animation better

David Krein:

Okay, he totally went 'Silent Hill Nurse Freakout' on frame 128, chances are it's because you didn't composite the scene with the camera change, so nothing much to say about that only to be wary in the future. But then he did it again near the end, so be careful of going from slow to fast motions like that. Evening them out more would have made it far more solid.


Bad choice of camera